Spreadsheet Management

Desheetify is designed to make your life easier by acting as your spreadsheet manager. If you have problems where your spreadsheets are collecting in your inbox, not kept up to date or lost Desheetify is the solution.

Main features

Desheetify is a spreadsheet management piece of software. Some of it's main features are listed below as this is what we see are the main problems with spreadsheet management.

  1. Store all your spreadsheets for a project in a single place.
  2. Allow many people to submit spreadsheet data. This can either go into separate spreadsheets or the same one.
  3. List all the spreadsheets in one place and make them searchable.
  4. Unified interface so people don't need to interact directly with the spreadsheet.
  5. Combine data across multiple spreadsheets reducing manual work.
  6. Make a change to a spreadsheet that is reflected across all the responses you have.
  7. Edits can be made to submitted data.
  8. Manage deadlines, sending reminder emails.

There are more features coming however this product is in it's early stages.

An example

If you are a central supplier for parts, each month companies may send you various spreadsheets containing the lists of what parts they want.

However this has many problems:

  • You may no longer stock a part and it's included on a customers spreadsheet.
  • You need to take the data into your master sheet to make it simple to handle.
  • To find a last customers order you need to search your inbox.
  • The customer may make last minute changes which leads to duplication.

These are some of the problems Desheetify aims to solve.

If you are intrested in using Desheetify please email [email protected]